Welcome, OSI Members!

OSI LogoThank you for your interest in the Open Source Technology Management program in partnership with Brandeis University.

You will experience a program that is shaped by input from leading open source industry experts. The course facilitators as well as our advisory board members are all instrumental in growing your expertise and expanding your current network. Upon completion of the six micro-courses, participants will earn a certificate from a leading university, be equipped with a new wealth of knowledge, practical skills and confidence to excel in their career.


The program consists of a series of six four-week micro courses designed and led by high-profile OSS community leaders. Each course is designed around problem-based learning using real-world situations encountered in industry practice as case studies.

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Digital badges

Complete two micro-courses in a given topic area and earn a digital badge in one of these three areas: The Business of Open Source, Open Source Community Development, or Open Source Development Fundamentals.

A digital badge provides verified recognition of the skills and knowledge you have gained within a specific topic area. Digital badges allow you to customize your education to meet your particular needs and interests. You can take the courses you want without any prerequisites required. After completing two micro-courses within a specific topic area, you can share the digital badge with your professional network on your resume, online portfolio and social media pages.


Each micro-course is $499 USD.

Time commitment

Participants can anticipate a minimum of 3-5 hours per week. One hour of that estimate is the weekly lecture, which is virtual. Participants then will work within their teams on the course-long project. The time will vary by group, but participants can expect to spend at least one hour per week working on it. You'll benefit from a flexible, convenient online learning environment that respects the multiple academic, personal, and professional commitments participants balance each day. Time zones are taken into consideration for our global population.

Pathway to credit

University graduate-level credit (equal to a single course in Graduate Professional Studies at Brandeis) is available after completing the two micro-courses in a given topic area. To apply for credit, complete a capstone assignment that synthesizes learning from the topic for which you want to receive credit. Upon successful completion, you will receive an elective course credit (3 credits) towards a MS degree. Each assessment for credit is $990 USD. As an OSI member, you'll receive a 15% discount on the cost.