RMGT 125

Managing Technology Professionals

There are significant challenges to be found in managing today’s technology professionals including the rate at which the knowledge on which they draw changes, their goals and incentives, and the way in which project teams comprised mostly of technical professionals can “age.” This course focuses on issues that are of special interest to those managing technology professionals including analysts, developers, technical specialists, and infrastructure support personnel. We also discuss the importance of organizational structure, the ways it can affect performance, and the criteria upon which it should be chosen. Also included is an examination of organizational cultures, a contrast and comparison of various organizational structures, and managing stress in the constantly changing IT environment.
Through assignments, case studies and class exercises, students will examine management practices and techniques regarding organizational structure, cross-functional teams, performance planning and enhancement, reward systems, recruiting, and the development of knowledge workers.
At the end of this course, students will be able to:
Develop effective reward and incentive systems for technical professionals
Create a highly motivating work environment
Manage and lead creative individual contributors
Maximize the technical productivity and vitality of teams
Create an effective physical structure for supporting innovation
Organize for innovative product development