Class Correspondent

Thanks to all our classmates who shared their lives with us for this issue. I am amazed (though not surprised) by their productivity. In many ways, I feel my own life has been one of trying to fulfill our motto. Is it ever too late to learn, grow, imagine and search for new meaning in life? Keep writing and inspiring me with your truths.

Roberta Cohen is getting ready to retire from her psychoanalysis practice and hopes to spend more time playing the piano. She writes, “My Brandeis years pumped oxygen into my brain, which made me enjoy the following years of school more than I would have without that oxygenation. Those memories are warm and wonderful.” Bob Herman and his wife, Susie Coliver, are partners in an architectural practice that received the 2015 Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects’ San Francisco chapter for the design of about 4,000 affordable-housing units and a number of synagogues. Bob has served as a visiting faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley. Son Peter is an architect in Boston, and son Perry, formerly an actor, is now an administrator in the financial world. Elaine Ostroff, P’80, G’13, has moved to Natick, Massachusetts, where she keeps bumping into Brandeis alums. Natalie Kantor Warshawer writes, “Having turned 80, I work hard at keeping my husband, Bob, and me healthy. Bob had double-bypass heart surgery and is doing just fine. We have two great-grandchildren who live in the next town. I have taken a hiatus from my artwork but expect to return soon.” Manny Wolf continues to present material from his recent memoir, “Survival in Paradise: Sketches From a Refugee Life in Curaçao,” to Bay Area audiences. He writes a monthly column in the West Portal Monthly and is teaching a course at the University of San Francisco’s Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning. Saul Wolfe still spends about 60 hours a week practicing law when he and his wife, Roberta, are not traveling. His identical twin sons have taken over his law firm; son Jon represented actress Katie Holmes in her divorce from Tom Cruise. Saul served as president of the New Jersey State Bar Association, which honored him with the Excellence in Diversity Award for his efforts in advancing women and minorities. He and his sons are active with the American Bar Association.

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