Class Correspondent

In Athens, for the Society of Dance History Scholars, Judith Bennahum, P’92, delivered a paper on Ida Rubinstein, the famous Russian Jewish ballet star. Judith has also written a biography, “Malka’s Journey: From the Holocaust to a Life Beyond,” and joined the recent Brandeis Alumni Travel Program trip to Italy, with Robbie Apfel and Alice Sheffet. Lea Bleyman is retired and living in New York City, and still very happily married to David Minn. Their daughter, Anne, practices law in North Carolina. Lea and Anne take an annual mother-daughter trip; Scotland and Iceland have been recent destinations. Lea keeps in touch with former colleagues and attends lectures at Baruch. For the past 30 years, Rita Golden Gelman has lived in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Galápagos, Bali, Borneo, Thailand, India, Tanzania, Suriname, Peru, Colombia, Madagascar, Israel and Egypt, among other places. As she traveled, she wrote more than 70 children’s books to pay the way. She described her journey in “Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World.” As a resident scholar at the Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center, Annette Miller, MFA’76, developed a theatrical collage, “Now Is Our Time,” about the pleasures and perils of the third chapter in plays, poems and song. The 60-minute show has played at the Colonial Theater for the Berkshire Theater Group, as well as at the Arsenal Theater for the Arts. This summer, Annette will perform a new play by Nilo Cruz, “Sotto Voce,” at Shakespeare and Co. in Lenox, Massachusetts.
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