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After spending 2013-15 as an English teacher in Bulgaria, Scott Bleiweis has returned to the United States. He lives in New York City, working as an academic coordinator for Pace University’s Global Pathways. Josh Bob and Rabbi Rachel Silverman ’04 live in Brighton, Massachusetts, with their 1-year-old, Anna, and a yellow Lab named Abby. Josh is a product manager at TripAdvisor, working on the hotel solutions team, and mentors new entrepreneurs and startups in what free time he has. Kaori Kimura gave birth to Hiyori, her fourth child, on July 8, 2015. Adam Klein, MA’02, married Judith Gilbert in November 2014 in Georgia. He continues his work as a singer/songwriter, and released his sixth album, “Archer’s Arrow,” in fall 2015. He began acting in Georgia’s thriving film industry and has had roles in Amazon’s “Z: The Beginning of Everything,” various independent films and a number of commercials. You can keep track of him at Cara (Rosenthal) Lebewohl and her husband, Josh, had a son, Henry Abraham, on Nov. 11, 2015. The real estate brokerage that Gabriel Leibowitz has owned since 2005 merged with Warburg Realty, one of New York’s oldest brokerages. Jane Kohuth and Michael Stepansky ’00 welcomed 2-year-old Kameron into their family in March 2015, and celebrated after finalizing the adoption on Oct. 22. Michael Miles welcomed his second son, Benjamin Arthur, on Nov. 28, 2015. Mom, dad and big brother Henry are all doing well. Briana Rose Morgan completed her doctorate in American government at Georgetown. She gave birth to her second daughter in August 2015. Jason Myrowitz was named Professor of the Year at Northern Arizona University. Jesse Richman and his wife, Lindsay, welcomed their first child, Lionel Zachary, on Nov. 20, 2015. They recently relocated to Lake Worth, Florida. Michael Schakow, MA’01, married Sarah Helene Rothschild on Nov. 7, 2015, in Washington, D.C. Amy Posner, Ari Rabin-Havt, Trish Piekarski ’03, Nicholas Bocek ’04, Nadine Beck ’85 and Alan Pearson ’89 attended. Michael and Sarah’s engagement was featured as one of The New York Times’ “unforgettable marriage proposals” of 2015. To mark their engagement, Michael gave Sarah a diamond ring that belonged to his great-grandmother, who died in the Treblinka extermination camp in 1942. His great-grandfather had unsuccessfully tried to use the ring to bribe an SS officer to release his wife and daughter as they awaited deportation to Treblinka from the Warsaw ghetto. Michael’s great-grandfather survived in hiding, with the ring, until Warsaw’s liberation in 1945. Jeffrey Symons and his wife, Malgorzata, had a daughter, Annika Rose, on Nov. 28, 2015. Autumn Wiley earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Arizona. Her daughter is 2 years old. After receiving her doctorate in clinical psychology in 2005, Talia Witkowski worked in private practice and treatment centers with patients with addictions and eating disorders. In 2007, having discovered an affinity for business, she transitioned into consulting, brokering and building businesses. She now runs small businesses, invests, and builds partnerships and investment strategies for investors for co-investment. Her most recent venture is working with dancehall-reggae musicians to manage, invest and set up strategic partnerships for branding and cross-genre integration. Talia, who lives in Playa del Rey, California, feels very lucky to have had her Brandeis education, and misses her Vernon Street girls, basement parties and Jill Lynn Felman classes. The Rev. John Yu is the new senior pastor at Korean Central Presbyterian Church in Denver.

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CAPITAL AFFAIR: Michael Schakow ’01, MA’01, married Sarah Helene Rothschild on Nov. 7, 2015, in Washington, D.C. Amy Posner ’01, Ari Rabin-Havt ’01, Trish Piekarski ’03, Nicholas Bocek ’04, Nadine Beck ’85 and Alan Pearson ’89 attended.

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