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A campus master plan is necessarily a dynamic document, changing and evolving as thinking and circumstances require. This Brandeis campus master planning website is the product of work done in 2000 and 2001, which led to the creation of the Master Planning Interim Report by Chan Krieger & Associates, the University's master planning consultant. The interim report has been the foundation for the several major projects accomplished on the Brandeis campus since that time, and continues to guide thinking about future developments and planning, even as the University carefully considers new directions perhaps not specifically anticipated in the master plan.

Brandeis University's Campus Master Planning project provides an opportunity for the University to reflect upon its history and heritage, to assess the condition of its campus and facilities, and to develop a course of action to address these needs in the future. President Reinharz recently established a campus master planning steering committee to prepare a new master plan for the University (the last such plan for Brandeis was undertaken in the 1950s).  As part of the current master planning process, research will be conducted and broad community input will be solicited on the following main topics: the condition and capacity of academic and residential facilities and infrastructure; open spaces and landscape features; pedestrian, vehicular, and parking networks; and the interface between Brandeis and the larger community.

Thus far, a team of consultants in urban planning, architectural design, landscape architecture, facility engineering, and academic facilities has been assembled to research these topics and to propose alternatives to the Brandeis community. Over the summer, data has been gathered from existing planning documents and from municipal records. Starting this fall, a series of interviews and meetings will be conducted on campus to solicit input from the University community on specific needs in the main topic areas to be addressed by the master plan. It is anticipated that a draft plan will be available for review and comments in the spring of 2001.

If you have any questions about Brandeis University's Campus Master Planning project, please contact Dan Feldman  (781.736.8405)

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