More of students' special places on campus

In the second part of student writer Maddy DuLong's look at some of her classmates' favorite spots at Brandeis, we meet a sleeping statue, step into the "dungeon" and go star gazing.

student Natalie Kahn, with pink hair streak, shorts and hightop sneakers, poses with "Sleeping Jennie" a stone statue in a reclining position

Natalie Kahn '23, poses with "Sleeping Jennie"

As they did last week, Brandeis juniors shared their favorite places on campus with student writer Maddy DuLong '23.

Natalie Kahn '23, majoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy and minoring in Journalism

"My favorite spot on campus is the Sleeping Jennie statue in the forest by the chapels. It has a nice peaceful vibe and I feel like the statue has a nice and positive energy. It’s a really pretty spot; I like that it’s in the forest surrounded by trees without being too dark and secluded or hard to get to.

"My keys fell out of my pocket when I was there one night — the next day I went to look for them, and someone had draped the keys and the lanyard on the statue for me. I thought it was really nice and definitely fit the vibe of the spot and the statue. Last year, I would walk through the trail in the forest and pass by the statue on my way to Covid testing at Heller and say 'hi' to her. I’d also go there in the evenings sometimes with my friends to hang out and be in nature. It’s a fun spot that not everyone knows about, and I think everyone should get to hang out with Sleeping Jennie."

Nick Ong, with a pink buzz cut, black face mask and suede sheerling jacet in front of his laptop in the basment of the Library
Photo/Nick Ong '23

Nick Ong '23 in the basement of Goldfarb, his quiet place to study.

Nick Ong '23, majoring in Anthropology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, minoring in Social Justice and Social Policy

"My favorite spot on campus is the bottom floor of Goldfarb in the Library. It’s designated as the 'dungeon' by most students, and I spend most of my studying time there because of its peace and quiet. I get some of my best work done there. Usually the evening times are a lot less busy in the dungeon, so after all of my classes are done, I go there and I can focus on the tasks I have at hand.

"My favorite memory I have of the dungeon is going there nearly every day in the spring 2021 semester. I learned how to be a lot more appreciative of the time I had to myself, and I learned how to prioritize my work over being in highly social areas. Throughout that semester, I would step into the dungeon and feel like I was stepping into my own office. I go to the dungeon whenever I want to get some quality work done.

"Nowadays I have less time to go to the dungeon and study, but I still reminisce on the times I spent with my work, my thoughts, and my music. This is my Zen zone and my own little place that I feel like I 'own.' Even though dozens of other people will be there on any given day, I would never subject someone else to being in that isolating environment. I love it, but it is not for everyone."


Student Amari Fountain wearing a blue phases of the moon sweatshirt standing on one one of the landings overlooking the SCC.
Photo/Maddy DuLong

Amari Fountain '23 feels at home amid the bustle of the SCC.

Amari Fountain '23, majoring in Neuroscience

"My favorite place on campus is the Shapiro Campus Center. There’s a good study space on the second floor where you can look over everyone. Einstein's is also great! I remember going by while they were practicing for the 24-Hour Musical. It was fun to watch all these sleep-deprived people come together to put something so bizarre together.

"I go to the Shapiro Campus Center when I want to either study, get a snack, or be alone but still have people around."

Zoe Popovic top of the hill in front of the Shapiro Science Center
Photo/Maddy DuLong

Zoe Popovic '23 gets comfortable on the hill outside the Shapiro Science Center.

Zoe Popovic '23, majoring in Music and Film, Television and Interactive Media

"My favorite spot on campus is the top of the hill in front of the Shapiro Science Center. At the top of the hill there is a nice view of the skyline and you can watch all the cars and people below. It's a really pretty place to watch the sky; you can see the sunset and the sunrise.

"My best memory there is watching the sunrise and listening to music super early in the morning after pulling an all-nighter with my friend. We just lied down in the grass and it was super peaceful. I find myself going here on nice days when I'm looking for a place to relax and collect my thoughts. I like sharing the spot with my friends; it's a nice place for deep convos. I don't think I have ever really gone out there alone — it's a nice spot to share with somebody."

Mark Rozencwaig pointing to the observatory dome from a nearby roof
Photo/Maddy DuLong

Mark Rozencwaig '23 looks to the starts from atop Ableson.

Mark Rozencwaig '23, majoring in Biology

"My favorite spot on campus is the observatory on top of Abelson. It's so fun to go to the dome, listen to music, and look at the stars and planets through the telescopes. One time an Astronomy Club meeting got rained out, so once pretty much everyone left, then there were just a few of us listening to music and looking out over campus at night.

"I love bringing friends because most people don't even know that we even have an observatory, let alone that it's active."

Any students interested in learning more about the telescopes at Brandeis or staying updated on Astronomy Club events, should join the listserv or email

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