Minor in Journalism

What does it mean to be media literate? How do the news media influence public opinion? What are journalists' obligations in free and democratic societies? What does reliable journalism have to do with democracy? Do Facebook and Fox News have anything in common? The Brandeis journalism program will empower you to answer these questions and more.

In our unique interdepartmental program — which is open to all Brandeis students, class size allowing — you’ll take a liberal arts approach to the study of journalism, exploring it through historical, sociological and ethical lenses. As a journalism minor, you’ll learn how social, political and corporate institutions interact with media institutions. Working with both scholars and practitioners, you’ll gain real research, writing and production skills that you can apply to print, broadcast and internet media platforms.

In an age of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” telling verified stories, and telling them well, has never been more important. Regardless of whether you go on to practice journalism, you will find our program has helped you become a critical thinker, an effective writer and a more informed and analytical consumer of the news.

Why Brandeis?

Brandeis is located mere minutes from Boston, one of the largest media markets in the country, with many award-winning print and broadcast institutions. You’ll be able to see local, national and international news reporting up close, be taught by local talent and even intern in a major newsroom.


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Careers and Alumni

About half of our minors in journalism pursue careers in the field immediately after graduation. Still others pursue careers in professions like education, law, public relations and advertising, where they are called upon to understand complicated arguments, make clear and concise statements about those arguments, and make complex ideas or issues accessible and interesting to mainstream audiences.

Here's a snapshot of graduates of our program:

Other Brandeis Alumni Working in National Media