About the Library

Students studying in the Farber Mezzanine.

Farber Mezzanine

The main entrance to Brandeis Library

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The Brandeis Library houses more than 2 million volumes (both electronic and physical), 45,000 journals (both electronic and physical) and 4,000 films, with a growing collection in the sciences, creative arts, humanities, government documents, Judaica and social sciences—including rare and unique collections.

We empower our community to become scholars, creators, and innovators. As a 21st-century Library, our services don’t stop at resources and citation help. We aim to improve literacies ranging from oral communication to digital to information. Librarians and specialists offer consultation sessions, embed themselves in classroom teaching, and host workshops to support research and teaching endeavours throughout campus. Topics include emerging trends in technologies such as machine learning, emerging trends in research such as data visualization, and emerging trends in scholarship such as open access. Service points—including the Research Help Desk, Archives & Special Collections, Sound & Image Media Studios, MakerLab, Automation Lab, and Digital Scholarship Lab—give students, faculty, and staff access to tools and opportunities to learn skills needed to achieve their academic success.

Identity Statement

The Brandeis Library makes an impact across our community by fostering research, teaching, and discovery, and by providing professional services, resources, experience, and expertise.

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