Thank you

Jan. 22, 2016

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

It was a pleasure to meet those of you who were able to attend the receptions for students, faculty and staff last week. Jessica and I appreciate the warm welcome we were given and felt the passion for Brandeis from so many with whom we spoke.

All of my discussions, however lengthy or brief, were very meaningful; your observations are important to me. I would like to underscore what I said at the receptions: Please continue to engage me in meaningful conversation. Don’t hold back just because of the “president” title. I am eager to hear what you have to say about your aspirations for the university as well as its challenges.

Although I do not officially begin at Brandeis until July 1, I will be on campus one day a week beginning in mid-February. Please continue to work through Peter Giumette, senior adviser to Interim President Lisa Lynch, if you wish to contact me. He is serving as the point person throughout this presidential transition period and can be reached at

Again, thank you for the warm welcome. Jessica and I wish you all an enjoyable and productive semester.