June 17, 2016

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

Before I begin my work at Brandeis on July 1, I want to wish you all a productive and enjoyable summer, whether it is on campus or far from Waltham.

My wife Jessica and I look forward to meeting many of you and getting to know the work you do at the University. One way we will do this will be through a series of small lunches we will host throughout the year in the president’s office. These lunches will give us a chance to meet in a setting that allows for conversations so we can learn a little bit about each other. We will assemble small groups, sometimes by department or division, sometimes by a shared experience or expertise, or sometimes by inviting a randomized mix of individuals from different areas across the University.

Of course we also look forward to other ways to meet and interact with you and to begin to recognize more and more faces as we walk the paths of the campus. For those of you who would like one-on-one meetings with me, I will hold weekly office hours during the summer and then again throughout the year. I invite you to come by simply to introduce yourself, share your concerns, or offer your thoughts on University-related issues. In early July colleagues in my office will send out scheduling details for open office hours.

Jessica and I are excited to begin our work at Brandeis and we look forward to beginning conversations next month.

Best wishes,