Office of the President

In Response to Friday’s Executive Order

Jan. 29, 2017

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The United States has always been a beacon of education, welcoming scholars from around the world to study, teach, and conduct research. The rich academic environment in Greater Boston and on our campus would be far poorer without the immeasurable contributions international scholars make.

This is why Brandeis joins with academic institutions across the country in voicing our deep concern and dismay about the U.S. administration’s new executive order restricting people from certain countries from entering or returning to the United States. There are already reports that this order has begun to disrupt students, faculty, and staff from traveling for their studies, work, or research.

Brandeis is closely monitoring the unfolding situation, including the legal challenges, particularly with regard to members of our community from the countries named in the new directive. Like many other universities, we are advising undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff who might be affected not to travel outside the country until there is more clarity on how the executive order will be implemented.

Our International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) is contacting individuals at Brandeis who are potentially affected by the executive order, and the doors of ISSO are open to anyone with questions. We remind you that Brandeis has comprehensive counseling services and chaplains who can provide moral and spiritual guidance and support.

Last November, we detailed our current practices regarding the sharing of information about immigration status, which we re-affirm here:

  • Brandeis University will not permit immigration enforcement on our campus with respect to our students, faculty, or staff without a warrant or a clear demonstration of exigent circumstances, such as imminent risk to the health and safety of others.
  • Brandeis University Public Safety officers will not act on behalf of federal agents in the enforcement of immigration laws.
  • Brandeis University will not release immigration-status information with respect to students, faculty, or staff to the federal government unless mandated by court order or another valid legal instrument.

We wish to reassure our community that every person on our campus, whoever they are and from wherever they come, is a valued member of our community. Brandeis was founded on the principle of openness to all, and with a core belief that the free exchange of ideas is essential to and consistent with our mission. We remain guided by these values.

Ron Liebowitz, President

Lisa M. Lynch, Provost

Andrew Flagel, Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment

Mark Brimhall-Vargas, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Susan Birren, Dean, Arts and Sciences

Eric Chasalow, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Marty Krauss, Interim Dean, Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Karen Muncaster, Vice President, Rabb School of Continuing Studies

Peter Petri, Interim Dean, Brandeis International Business School