Summary of November trustees meeting

Nov. 27, 2017

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Here is my summary of the recent Board of Trustees meeting (November 13-15), which included a two-day retreat on board governance.

This was the first board meeting of the academic year (the September meeting was postponed when Hurricane Irma prevented our retreat facilitator from getting to Boston), and it included discussions that were both invigorating and central to Brandeis’ success.

If you have questions about anything here, please let me know. Either I or one of my administrative colleagues will respond as quickly as possible.

As the report suggests, Brandeis has much work to do to be the institution it has aspired to be from its founding. My hope is that many of you will join in working toward this goal, providing the ideas, energy, and goodwill that Jessica and I have seen since we arrived at Brandeis in July 2016. This is a remarkable institution, and the challenges it faces, along with the lofty goals we will together set for it, will be most readily addressed and achieved if we work together.