Policy on sexual harassment and discrimination

Nov. 7, 2017

Dear Faculty, Students, and Staff,

Given the recent national spotlight on incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination, I want to remind our community that Brandeis University prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment. Our written policy (pdf) makes this explicit.

Moreover, Brandeis takes discrimination and harassment complaints very seriously. The university is committed to responding promptly, vigorously, and effectively once notified of any act of discrimination or harassment, and forbids retaliation against any individual who comes forward with a good-faith complaint.

Many resources are available to individuals who wish to report discrimination or harassment, including:

I urge any member of the Brandeis community who has experienced discrimination or harassment to contact one of these staff members.

Although we encourage community members to come forward with their reports, those who wish to remain anonymous may call the university’s Confidential Complaint Hotline at 781-736-4452. This hotline has been configured so that incoming-call phone numbers are not retained by the system.  

Additional information on reporting incidents of discrimination or harassment can be found here.

We remain resolutely committed to freeing our campus from discrimination and harassment, and to honoring our founding principles of equity, justice, and inclusivity throughout our community. At Brandeis, we have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. All of us have an obligation to uphold the values that bind us together as a caring, respectful, and safe community.


Ron Liebowitz