Fossil Fuel Investment Policies

Nov. 28, 2018

Dear Brandeisians,

As you know, the issue of divestment from the fossil fuel industry has long weighed on the collective consciousness of the Brandeis community.

After several months of thoughtful discussion and careful deliberation, the Board of Trustees has adopted a set of policies related to fossil fuels.

In their review of this complex issue, the trustees had to weigh, on the one hand, the legitimate climate-related concerns of many members of the Brandeis community and, on the other, their serious fiduciary responsibility to protect the health of the endowment and the university. This is a difficult balance to strike, and the board worked diligently to understand and consider each component of the issue.

The board has now approved the following comprehensive set of policies:

I want to thank the dedicated students, faculty, and staff who have been thoughtful contributors to the debate surrounding this issue since well before I arrived at Brandeis. I also want to extend my appreciation to our Board of Trustees for its serious, sustained engagement with this important issue.