Update on Springboard Funding Plan

Oct. 24, 2019

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I am excited to report that we are ready to move forward with the Springboard Funding Plan. As you may remember from my earlier communications, Springboard begins to address both day-to-day operational gaps and the larger strategic goals outlined in Brandeis University’s Framework for Our Future as the university transitions beyond what I have called our startup phase.

We have secured $84.7 million in funding to be used in excess of our operating budget for resources and programs across the university. Some of the many initiatives that Springboard will make possible include:

Springboard funding is divided between operational and capital investments that are now underway. Here are the sources of funding:

Although this funding is significant, it does not cover all that will be required to achieve our vision for the university. Springboard is just the first step, providing an essential boost in our efforts to better support the Brandeis community, match our capacity to demand, and revitalize outdated infrastructure. These foundational investments provide us with some room to think beyond our current challenges so that we can seize future opportunities. In turn, Springboard will allow us to implement the Framework and enter our upcoming campaign with greater confidence, better prepared for long-term success.

I am grateful to the colleagues who contributed to this Springboard plan, and especially to the trustees who believed in and supported it. Springboard signifies a renewed commitment to the university and to one another. The time has come for all of us to invest in Brandeis.