COVID-19 Important Community Update

March 13, 2020

Dear Brandeis Community,

Since yesterday we have learned that some students, faculty, and staff have had potential contacts off campus with individuals who later were identified as potential close contacts or tested positive for coronavirus. To our knowledge, none of our community members have currently tested positive or shown any symptoms of the virus, and all who had such contact are self-quarantining as a precaution. This does highlight the need to do all the things we are doing as a community — practicing good hygiene, engaging in social distancing, and moving classes online, and preparing to work remotely.

Some important information to know:

We realize there remain many logistical, financial, and other issues related to moving and to our transition to online learning; we will have additional updates on several of those later today and will continue to provide updates.

In addition, we are aware that students are organizing themselves to help with aspects of the move-out process. We would like to thank them for this and we would like to connect their work with institutional efforts. For any students organizing these efforts, please contact Mark Brimhall-Vargus (, Raymond Ou ( and Jamele Adams ( to share information.

We can also report that our athletic conference has canceled all regular season and championship competition for the 2020 spring season. This was approved by the UAA Presidents Council.

We realize information is coming quickly and it is difficult to keep up and sort through everything. Please know that Brandeis is doing everything possible to share accurate information as quickly as we can, and we are all striving to be as supportive as possible to our entire community at this challenging time.

Ron Liebowitz, President
Lisa M. Lynch, Provost
Stew Uretsky, Executive Vice President, for Finance and Administration