Brandeisian values and the democratic process

November 4, 2020

Dear Brandeis Community,

After a complex and divisive election season, I know that all of us are looking for resolution and clarity about the future. While we do not yet have final results for the presidential and key congressional races, it is important that we remember our values as Brandeisians and work to foster critical thinking and respect for each other.

The Brandeis community has been deeply engaged in conversations and thinking about the election — both in offering tools and resources to support voting, and in fostering thoughtful, civil dialogue about important issues of our time. This work reflects on our historic values and long-standing commitment to justice, open inquiry, and civic engagement.

If the days ahead remain unsettled, I strongly believe that our community will remain engaged, invested, and involved in ways that support democratic principles and keep each other safe. As I have said before, I know this community shares my fervent interest in moving away from the spirit of divisiveness that seems to dominate so much of the public conversation. It is possible to make our voices heard and to influence the outcomes of our democracy in ways that respect differences of opinion.

With these ideas in mind, I encourage everyone to join one of the several Debrief Circles scheduled over the next several days, starting today. Please see the schedule on the Brandeis Voting and Election Events page on the Dean of Students’ website.

I know that you recognize as well as I do that once the election results are final, the work of democracy does not end. Brandeis will continue to foster opportunities for our community to participate in activities that address the public health, economic opportunity, and equity challenges that face our nation.


Ron Liebowitz