Responding to the verdict in the Chauvin case

April 20, 2021

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community:

After the killing of George Floyd last year, I wrote to our community saying that “the injustice of violence against Black people must stop.” Today’s verdict in the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin is a step in the right direction, but we still have work to do to achieve the ideals of a just and equitable society.

I am mindful that the several weeks of trial and jury deliberation have been traumatizing ones for our community, particularly our Black students, faculty, and staff. And because our community is one committed to justice and equity, I know that we have all felt deep sorrow and distress as the events surrounding Mr. Floyd’s death were recounted. We have rightly focused on action during the past year, but we must now also direct our energies to support healing and self-care. I want to encourage the community to participate in a follow up event hosted by staff in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Brandeis community partners. This event will start together and then provide three separate spaces for healing, witnessing, and conversation. You can join this event at 7:00 pm tonight at

I am grateful to be part of an intensely caring community, and one that is moved to learning, activism, and change. 


Ron Liebowitz