Condemning antisemitic violence

May 24, 2021

Dear Brandeis Community,

Brandeis University condemns unequivocally the most recent violence against Jews across the country and abroad. Unfortunately, attacks on Jews are not new. Antisemitism is a recurrent theme with a legacy of more than one thousand years, all the while generating new justifications for hatred of Jewish people.

Brandeis was founded as a response to antisemitism and quotas against Jews designed to ensure their exclusion from many of the finest colleges and universities. As a consequence, at its founding, Brandeis stated clearly that it welcomed all qualified students regardless of their race, religion, gender, political views, or any other personal marker.

Hatred of any kind should not be tolerated or celebrated. Antisemitism, such as what we have witnessed the past week, requires extra vigilance. To link the attacks to events in the Middle East, as many have done, is in itself a cowardly act of antisemitism and should be denounced in the strongest terms.


Ron Liebowitz