Requirements to Complete a Major

General Requirements to Complete a Major

To obtain a bachelor's degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, students must complete the requirements of a major. Students are encouraged to choose an intended major after consultation with a faculty adviser in that department or program by the end of the first year, and required to do so by the end of the sophomore year. Students who have not declared a major by the end of their sophomore year will have a registration hold placed on their records blocking registration for the fall term of their junior year.

Certain departments permit qualified students to offer a limited number of related courses in other fields toward their major requirements. This option is open to students able to present a purposeful and coherent course of study as judged by the department; such requests are subject to rigorous examination. Students should consult individual departmental listings.

Students may complete a second or a third major in addition to their primary major. Completion of the second or third major must take place within the normal time allotted for completion of the bachelor's degree (eight semesters for students entering as freshmen). The time to degree for transfer students is less and is determined based on the number of credits initially transferred upon entry. Students may declare a maximum of three majors. Declared majors appear on the student's transcript, and completed majors appear on the transcript and diploma.

All majors must be declared before the start of a student's final semester at Brandeis.

Requirements for majors offered by each department and program are listed in the subject area sections of the Bulletin.

Completion of a Major

To enroll in courses fulfilling major requirements, students must have received a C- or better in prerequisite courses.

A 2.00 GPA is normally required in courses offered for completion of requirements for a major.

Majors Offered

African and Afro-American Studies
American Studies
Art History
Biological Physics
Classical Studies
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Creative Writing
East Asian Studies
Education Studies
Environmental Studies
European Cultural Studies
Film, Television, and Interactive Media
French and Francophone Studies
German Studies
Health: Science, Society, and Policy
Hispanic Studies
Independent Interdisciplinary Major
International and Global Studies
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
Language and Linguistics
Latin American and Latino Studies
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Russian Studies
Studio Art
Theater Arts
Women's and Gender Studies