Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad

Brandeis encourages a variety of opportunities for students to enroll in specified programs abroad that provide a sound course of study to enrich and enhance the Brandeis collegiate experience. Students may receive credit toward their Brandeis degrees through participation in educational programs abroad that have been approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) on the recommendation of the Office of Study Abroad.

This committee may permit eligible students to apply credits earned if they enroll in overseas programs of American universities, or pursue individual programs of study at international universities. More than 300 programs in 64 countries have been approved for Brandeis students' participation.

The Office of Study Abroad maintains an electronic database resource library of materials on approved programs and offers advising to undergraduates interested in enriching their Brandeis experience with a period of international study.

Students must apply to the Office of Study Abroad for approval to study abroad. Application deadlines can be found on the study abroad website at Eligibility criteria include appropriate class standing (usually junior or fall of senior year), good academic and judicial standing, a minimum 3.000 GPA, the approval of the major department, a compelling academic reason, prior language study when required and a plan for completing all Brandeis degree and major requirements within eight semesters.

Credit for work completed abroad will be accepted from those programs previously approved for overseas study by Brandeis. To qualify for full-credit transfer upon return, a student must study at a full rate of work as defined by the host institution and earn grades of at least a C- or the equivalent. Such transfer of course credits will not necessarily imply that the work will be accepted for major credit by individual departments.

Off-campus study cannot be a student's final semester at Brandeis. In order to receive credit for work done abroad, students must return to Brandeis for at least one semester during the academic year at an eligible rate of work.

Outstanding students may apply for a limited number of special scholarship grants to aid them in completing their program of study abroad. The Undergraduate Committee for Study and Research Abroad administers a grant competition for students on need-based financial aid planning to study abroad during their college career. Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. The Office of Study Abroad provides information and assistance in applying for these scholarships, as well as for overseas study grants available through Gilman, Boren, DAAD and other competitions.

Students approved to study abroad will pay Brandeis tuition and all required student fees, thereby maintaining their status as currently enrolled students, and as such, the Brandeis financial aid for which they are eligible may be portable.

Complete information on the regulations governing study abroad and assistance in preparing applications may be obtained from the Office of Study Abroad.

Brandeis Semesters and Study Abroad

Students entering as first years are required to complete a minimum of seven full-time semesters from Brandeis fall/spring semesters, approved fall/spring Study Abroad programs or approved Justice Brandeis Semester programs. At most one of these seven semesters may be a Study Abroad Semester or a summer Justice Brandeis Semester.

For students wishing to complete two semesters of study abroad, or two summer Justice Brandeis Semesters, or one semester of each, the minimum number of semesters becomes eight full-time. This policy does not apply to the fall, spring.

Summer Study Abroad

Students seeking credit for a summer course conducted by accredited colleges, universities or programs overseas should obtain approval in advance from the Office of Study Abroad. The application deadline can be found on the study abroad Web site at Brandeis does not mandate any eligibility criteria for Summer Study Abroad, though individual programs will have specific prerequisites. For the processing of credit and service students will pay a fee of $400 to Brandeis. All other costs will be billed directly by the individual program.

Students participating in an approved summer abroad program must earn a B- or better in order to receive credit provisionally approved prior to beginning their program. Students will earn credit for two courses during the summer on a program of 5 to 10 weeks, and may be able to earn credit for three courses in some cases if a program’s length exceeds 10 weeks.

For students studying in a country outside of the U.S.A. in a country that is not their home country, students can earn numeric credit towards graduation. If a student has already transferred the maximum 16 credits or wishes to study in their home credit they can earn purpose credit which allows students to complete requirements but does count towards the 128 credits needed for graduation.

Complete information on the regulations governing summer study abroad and assistance in preparing applications may be obtained from the Office of Study Abroad.

Summer Brandeis Led Programs

Brandeis offers summer study abroad programs led by Brandeis faculty and coordinated by the Office of Study Abroad. These programs allow for students to earn Brandeis credit while abroad. Fees, application process, and other relevant information on these programs are available at the Office of Study Abroad website. Please note that these programs do not count as a semester of residency needed for graduation.