Subject Abbreviations

AAAS African and Afro-American Studies
AAAS/ENG African and Afro-American Studies and English
AAAS/WGS African and Afro-American Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
AMST American Studies
AMST/MUS American Studies and Music
ANTH Anthropology
ARBC Arabic
BCBP Biochemistry and Biophysics
BCHM Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BIOP Biophysics and Structural Biology
BIOT Biotechnology
BIPH Biological Physics
BISC Biological Science
BUS Business
CAST Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation
CBIO Chemical Biology
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHSC Chemical Science
CLAS Classical Studies
CLAS/FA Classical Studies/Fine Arts
COMH Comparative Humanities
COML Comparative Literature and Culture
COML/ENG Comparative Literature and Culture and English
COML/HOI Comparative Literature and Culture and History of Ideas
COML/THA Comparative Literature and Theater Arts
COMP Composition
CONT Continuation
COSI Computer Science
EAS East Asian Studies
ECON Economics
ECON/FA Economics and Fine Arts
ECON/FIN Economics and Finance
ECS European Cultural Studies
ED Education
EL Experiential Learning
ENG English
ENVS Environmental Studies
ESL English as a Second Language
FA Fine Arts
FA/NEJS Fine Arts/Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
FA/RECS Fine Arts/Russian Studies
FILM Film and Visual Media Studies
FIN Finance
FREN French and Francophone Studies
FYS First Year Seminars
GECS German and European Cultural Studies
GER German Studies
GRK Greek
GS Global Studies
HBRW Hebrew Language and Literature
HECS Hispanic and European Cultural Studies
HISP Hispanic Studies
HIST History
HOID History of Ideas
HRNS Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program
HRNS/HS Hornstein Program and Heller School
HS Heller School for Social Policy and Management
HSSP Health: Science, Society, and Policy
HUM Humanities
HUM/UWS Humanities and University Writing Seminar
IGS International and Global Studies
IGS/LGLS International and Global Studies and Legal Studies
IGS/SAS International and Global Studies and South Asian Studies
IIM Independent Interdisciplinary Major
IMES Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
INT Internship
ITAL Italian Studies
JAPN Japanese
JOUR Journalism
KOR Korean
LALS Latin American and Latino Studies
LAT Latin
LGLS Legal Studies
LING Language and Linguistics
MATH Mathematics
MERS Medieval and Renaissance Studies
MUS Music
NBIO Neuroscience and Biology
NEJS Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
NEUR Neuroscience
NPHY Neuroscience and Physics
NPSY Neuroscience and Psychology
PAX Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies
PE Physical Education
PEER Peer Assistantship
PHIL Philosophy
PHSC Physical Science
PHYS Physics
PMED Premedical Studies
POL Politics
PSYC Psychology
QBIO Quantitative Biology
RECS Russian and European Cultural Studies
RECS/THA Russian and European Cultural Studies and Theater Arts
REL Religious Studies
REL/SAS Religious Studies and South Asian Studies
RUS Russian Studies
SAS South Asian Studies
SJSP Social Justice and Social Policy
SOC Sociology
SQS Sexuality and Queer Studies
SYS Second Year Seminar
THA Theater Arts
UWS University Writing Seminar
WMGS Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
YDSH Yiddish