Students entering Brandeis prior to fall 2019

The oral communication requirement prior to fall 2019 differs. For students entering Brandeis prior to fall 2019, courses that satisfy the requirement in a particular semester are designated "oc" in the Schedule of Classes for that semester. Students must satisfactorily complete one writing intensive course, and either a second writing intensive course or an oral communication course.

Oral Communication


The oral communication requirement recognizes that students need to be prepared for a variety of ways to communicate effectively in various fields of study including oral presentations, interviews, active debate, critique, and performances.

Learning Goals

  1. Communicate and listen effectively in the context of the major
  2. Critically evaluate orally presented information and arguments
  3. Consider specific techniques for using language as a communication tool within the major

How to Fulfill the Requirement

For students entering Brandeis beginning fall 2019, the oral communication requirement will be fulfilled for through coursework taken in the completion of their major, or through other options described in the requirements for the major. As such, department and interdisciplinary programs will define the meaning of oral communications within the context of their discipline and their major. Options will vary by major and include the following:

  • A four-credit course devoted to oral communication
  • A course or courses incorporating oral communication resources into the pedagogy of courses
  • A two-credit practicum devoted to oral communication offered in coordination with a course or courses in the major
  • Cross-listed course from different departments to fulfill the requirement

Courses of Instruction

Departments and programs will outline the options available to declared majors in their individual sections of the Bulletin.