Report ID card lost/found

Report your ID card lost or found


The Brandeis WhoCard is the student identification card that can be used as a dining card, debit card (with WhoCash) and library card. It can be used at all Dining Services locations for meal plans, point plans and debit plans (WhoCash) and at the university libraries for printing purposes and to check out books.

Having WhoCash on your card allows you to use it as a debit card in the university bookstore, the copy center in Usdan and in all laundry rooms on Campus. WhoCash is also needed for copying and printing at Brandeis libraries.

The WhoCard also provides necessary door access throughout the campus. Please note that door access is regulated through the Department of Public Safety. If you have questions or concerns regarding door access, contact Public Safety at (781) 736-5000.

If you have lost your Brandeis ID card, you may report it lost on the Brandeis GET page. You can also call (781) 736-4230 or send an email to Please note, when reporting a card as lost, please let us know if you want your account temporarily inactivated.  Once you replace (or find) your card,  your account will need to be reactivated (so don't forget to tell us). Replacement ID cards are available at the Campus Card Office from 9  am to 4  pm Monday through Friday.

The fee for replacing a lost ID card is $10; which you can pay with WhoCash, Cash or bill to your Sage account. If an ID card is unusable due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced free of charge if the numbers on the front of the card match the numbers on your account. You must turn in the damaged card. Please note: we cannot re-activate an old card.