Copy Center Printing Process

There are two ways for you to make copies on campus. 

Copy Center: Chart String Transfer

  1. Submit the Design Approval Form and have your Treasurer complete an Expenditure Request on Presence. Posters should say Brandeis University on them and should have the recycle symbol on them; they are not allowed to have the Brandeis seal on them without prior approval from the Brandeis Communications Office. Wait for approval of both forms before continuing to the next step.

  2. Go to the Copy Center to place your order in person or fill out the Requisition Form online. (Note that this form asks you for a chart string. Write in your full club's name (no acronyms), and in the special instructions tell the Copy Center to email the Budget Analyst, Sebastian Chai-Onn, for the chart string and payment authorization.

  3. Make sure the final price for the copies fit into your approved Expenditure amount.

  4. If everything is correct, the Budget Analyst will send the Copy Center the chart string, club code, and approval for the print job.

  5. Please note that this can take 1-2 business days for the Budget Analyst to review the order after the Copy Center emails.

**Please note that there is no money being paid by students here.

Romper Room: FREE (Black and White)

  • Just need card access to the room. If a club needs to request card access, please complete the SCC Card Access Request Form.

  • Need to submit a Design Approval Form for any posters/flyers before printing.

  • *To clarify design approvals are not only necessary when paying for flyers, they are always necessary because they are technically advertising Brandeis events and should be reviewed by the University beforehand.