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A wide variety of scholarship has been written about Ernestine Rose. Here are a few works about the activist:


Anderson, Bonnie

"Joyous Greetings: The First International Women's Movement," 1832-60. New York: Harper-Collins, 2000. Substantial coverage of Ernestine Rose and her ties with international activists.

Basch, Françoise

"Rebelles américaines, Mariage, amour et politique." Paris: Méridiens Kleincksick, 1990. This book has two chapters on Rose and two on Victoria Woodhull. Basch presents these women within the context of the women's rights and free love movements in America. Written in French.

Ceniza, Sherry

"Walt Whitman and 19th-Century Women Reformers." Tuscaloosa and London: University of Alabama Press, 1998. Includes a whole chapter on Ernestine Rose and her influence on Whitman.


Ed. "Mistress of Herself: Speeches and Letters of Ernestine L. Rose, Early Women's Rights Leader." New York: Feminist Press of City University of New York, 2008.

Kolmerten, Carol A.

"The American Life of Ernestine L. Rose." Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 1999. New biography brings Rose to the center of the American women's rights movement.

Suhl, Yuri

"Ernestine L. Rose: Women's Rights Pioneer." New York: Biblio Press, 1990. (Second edition with Preface by Rosalyn Fraad Baxandall and Introduction by Francoise Basch.) Classic biography updated with feminist perspective.

Suhl, Yuri

"Ernestine L. Rose and the Battle for Human Rights." (First edition) New York: Reynal and Company, 1959. Published under the sponsorship of the Emma Lazarus Federation of Women's Clubs.


Basch, Françoise

"Rights of Women and the Wrongs of Marriage," History Workshop Journal. Oxford University, Issue 22, Autumn, 1986.

Berkowitz, Sandra J. & Amy C. Lewis

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Doress-Worters, Paula B.

"Madame Rose: A Life of Ernestine Rose as Told to Jenny P. d'Héricourt." Collaborative translation of source article, "Madame Rose" from Revue Philosophique et Religieuse, Paris, 1856, in press Journal of Women's History, Spring 2003.

Pula, James S.

"'Not as a Gift of Charity' — Ernestine Potowska Rose and the Married Woman's Property Laws," Polish American Studies, Vol. LVIII, No. 2, Autumn 2001.

Schappes, Maurice U.

Ed. "Speeches by Ernestine L. Rose at the Third National Woman's Rights Convention, Syracuse, N.Y., September 8-10, 1852" in "A Documentary History of the Jews in the United States: 1654-1875," (3rd ed.) New York: Schocken Books, 1971.

Schappes, Maurice U.

Ed. "Ernestine Rose: Her Address on the Anniversary of West Indian Emancipation." Journal of Negro History, July, 1949, pp. 344-55.

Biographical Entries on Rose are found in:

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