Dan Feldman

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Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research
AB, Princeton University
MA, Fine Arts (Painting), Hunter College
MFA, New York Academy of Art

Dan Feldman came to Brandeis in 1999 and has served as vice president for planning and institutional research since June 2010. His responsibilities include: campus planning and planning and early-stage design of major capital projects; institutional research; space management and planning; integrated strategic planning; and support for enterprise risk management.

From 2003 to 2010, Feldman led the Office of Capital Projects, as vice president for capital projects (2006 to 2010) and as associate vice president for planning, design and construction (2003 to 2006). Feldman earlier served as chief of staff for the executive vice president/chief operating officer and, before that, as special assistant to the executive vice president/chief operating officer. Feldman has led the effort to focus on environmental responsibility in design and construction of major capital projects at Brandeis.

Before coming to Brandeis, Feldman was a faculty member in fine arts, first at the New York Academy of Art and later at Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania. At the latter, he also served as director of multimedia development and then as associate vice president for information technology, in charge of academic and administrative technology.

Feldman has been a frequent guest reviewer at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has presented at national and regional conferences speaking about the remarkable transformation of the Brandeis campus that has taken place since 2000. Feldman is a practicing visual artist and has exhibited nationally and internationally. He is also coauthor of a widely used commentary on Dante’s Paradiso.

Feldman did his undergraduate work at Princeton University, majoring in economics, and has two master's degrees in fine arts from Hunter College and Princeton University.