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The University of Cambridge is one of the leading Universities of Europe.  The award of a Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides excellent opportunities for personal intellectual development, living and working alongside other similarly outstanding students from the UK and from many other countries.

The University of Cambridge

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

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The Gates Cambridge Trust

US citizens planning graduate study at Cambridge University, England. All applicants are expected to hold academic qualifications that will enable them to gain admission to the highly selective graduate programs of Cambridge University. Scholars should be able to demonstrate potential for further scholarly development and to exhibit a commitment to use the benefits of higher education for the common good.

Eligibility Limitations:
Foreign nationals educated in the United States may still apply, but the application process follows a different time-line. In many cases, a Preliminary Application Form (PAF) must be sent to Cambridge to see if the University is interested enough to encourage the student to submit scholarship materials.


Cambridge University, England.

1, 2, 3, or 4 years, depending on the course of study.

Application Requirements:
All applicants apply simultaneously for admission as a graduate student to the University of Cambridge and a Gates Cambridge Scholarship using the one application pack.

Typical Essay Question:
"In not more than 500 words, please describe below how your interests and achievements, both academic and extra-curricular, demonstrate a capacity for leadership, commitment to using your knowledge to serve your community and to applying your talents to improve the lives of others. Please also explain how your proposed studies in Cambridge will help you with the aims of your future career."

Campus Deadline:
N/A if you choose to apply directly to Cambridge and the Gates Trust.  If you are applying for the Rhodes, Marshall, or Mitchell through Academic Services and will have a campus endorsement drafted, contact us to discuss how to proceed.

Campus Interviews:
We are happy to arrange mock-interviews for Gates Finalists. Please be in touch regarding your progress in the competition.

Final Deadline:

October 15, 2013.  See the application timetable for more information.

Finalists will be invited to interview with the Trust in Annapolis, Maryland at the end of January/early February each year.

Who applies nationwide?
In application year 2006-2007, between 80 and 90 awards were distributed, and of these, approximately 35 will be granted to US citizens applying to the Trust. Over 500 applications were received from American students, and approximately 90 people were invited to interview.

Recent Brandeis University Winners and Finalists:
Congratulations to Wendi Adelson '01, a 2002-2003 Gates Scholar who studied International Relations at Cambridge. We have had several students invited to interview with the Gates Cambridge Trust: Tobias Harris '05, Gloria Sheu '05, Shlomo Meislin '04, Daniel Abadi '02.

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E-mail: info@gates.scholarships.cam.ac.uk