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There are lots of ways to search for academic fellowships. Many prospective applicants begin their search by looking for opportunities they are currently eligible for based on their class year or academic status. You can also search by other criteria including opportunity type, applicant identity, deadline, and more.

We recommend connecting with the Academic Fellowships Team early and often so you don't miss out on options you are eligible for. For example, the Truman Scholarship provides funding for graduate school, but you are only eligible to apply as a Junior.

Important Note: Students often ask us if there is an all-inclusive list, or easily searchable database, of fellowship opportunities. Our office does not provide a finite list for a few reasons:

1) We have found that students often self-select out of the process before they even begin. The world of fellowships is full of discipline-specific jargon, and sometimes program names or descriptions might be misleading. We want to make sure you are aware of your many options, even if at first glance they don’t seem like a match for you.

2) The list is infinite and ever-changing. Each year some awards cycle out, and new programs are launched. Our website currently includes the awards that we work with most frequently, and/or have a University Nomination process. We hope you find it helpful for exploring some of the many opportunities out there, and please know that this is not an exhaustive list.

3) We hope the fellowship application process is not transactional. Unlike traditional tution-focused scholarships, these applications require reflection on your values, strengths, and future plans over many weeks or months. We look forward to serving as conversation partners as you dream big, explore different career paths, and reflect on how you can use your talents to repair the world. As we get to know you throughout your Brandeis career, we can make targeted suggestions based on your evolving interests. 

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