Fellowship FYI

Always consult with your faculty and departmental coordinators regarding other fellowship funding opportunities.  Your department may know of philanthropic or research foundations that offer programming in your field of study.  And remember that many of the fellowship opportunities overseen by the Office of Academic Services span the disciplines.  Consult with our office for further guidance:

Sheilah Coleman
Director of Academic Fellowships


Other Fellowships Available

Other Fellowships:

The fellowships listed below may be available to Brandeis students but either do not have a campus endorsement process organized through Academic Services, do not require such an endorsement, or are coordinated through other contacts at the University.

    * Javits - No university endorsement process
    * James Madison - Contact the Education Department    
    * Math for America - No university endorsement process
    * NSF (National Science Foundation) - Contact your
        advisors in the Sciences    
    * The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans- 
        No university endorsement process (www.pdsoros.org)   
    * Udall - Contact Professor Laura Goldin in
        Enivironmental Studies Department for further information