Brandeis Liberal Arts and Science Posse Scholars

The Brandeis Posse Program consists of two programs: one for liberal arts scholars and one for science scholars.

Brandeis Liberal Arts Posse

Brandeis University was one of the first highly selective colleges to support the Posse program in recognition of the leadership skills that Posse Scholars bring to campus. Students in the Brandeis Liberal Arts Posse can study any subject in the curriculum, and in the past, the Scholars majors have ranged from sociology, to chemistry, to American Studies. 

Brandeis Science Posse

Brandeis University is the first college in the nation to have a Science Posse. Founded by Irv Epstein, the Henry F. Fischbach Professor of Chemistry, and supported by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant, this effort encourages students to pursue the sciences. The first Science Posse came to campus Fall 2008, and the program has successfully graduated science majors across the disciplines. Each Brandeis Science Posse Scholar is interested in majoring in a science, completes a two-week intensive "Science Boot Camp", and enrolls in introductory science and math courses in their first year of study.