Featuring works by

Anne Chmiel
Alex Davis
Jade Garisch
Sophie Greenspan
Sarah Hines
Charlie Madison
Barbara Rugg
Julian Seltzer
Aliza Sotsky
Amanda Stern


Free and open to the public

Senior Festival

Senior Festival 15

April 21-26
Laurie Theater, Spingold Theater Center

Now in its fourth year, the Senior Festival is an opportunity for graduating theater arts students to showcase their work. Under the guidance of Jesse Hinson, MFA '11, students will take on a variety of roles, from writing their own play to acting, adapting and composing. Every year is different and our students never cease to amaze us with their vision and ambition. Come see what this year's festival has to offer!

Sponsored by the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust

Performance Schedule:

Tuesday, April 21
• 4:30 PM – Senior Festival Kickoff Panel
• 7:00 PM – I am the Seagull or Something (Sarah Hines &
  Aliza Sotsky)
• 9:00 PM – Song of a Murderess (Jade Garisch)

Wednesday, April 22
• 6:30 PM – Grace (Charles Madison)
• 9:00 PM – And in longing, she bites (Sophie Greenspan)

Thursday, April 23
• 7:00 PM – No Exit (Barbara Rugg)
• 9:00 PM – Coerced: a documentary play (Amanda Jane Stern &
  Julian Seltzer)

Friday, April 24
• 5:30 PM – Grace (Charles Madison)

Saturday, April 25
• 12:30 PM – And in longing, she bites (Sophie Greenspan)
• 2:30 PM – Song of a Murderess (Jade Garisch)
• 6:30 PM – I am the Seagull or Something (Sarah Hines &
  Aliza Sotsky)

• 10:30 PM – The Contractual Death of Jonathan G Faustus (Alex
• 11:59 PM – Look Me in the Eyebrows (Anne Chmiel)

Sunday, April 26
• 2:00 PM – No Exit (Barbara Rugg)
• 4:00 PM – Coerced: a documentary play (Amanda Jane Stern &
  Julian Seltzer)

• 6:00 PM – The Contractual Death of Jonathan G Faustus (Alex

• 8:00 PM – Look Me in the Eyebrows (Anne Chmiel)

Show Information:

Look Me in the Eyebrows
Devised, Written, and Featuring *Anne Chmiel*

Join Anne as she forays into the world of stand up comedy tackling issues like the female condition and embarrassing the hell out of her parents. (While hopefully simultaneously making them proud after spending $200,000 on her education then having her decide she wants to be a comedian). It's sure to be a night you'll never forget! Especially if you like jokes about vaginas. And, even if you don't, laugh anyway, please.


The Contractual Death of Jonathan G Faustus
Devised, Written, and Featuring *Alex Davis*

Jonathan Faustus, MD-PhD, doesn’t intend to sell his soul to the demon he accidentally summons into his office on a bright autumn in Wittenberg. It just sort of happens. In the 24 years Faustus has left to live before his soul is dragged to Hell, he struggles with demons both literal and figurative to come to an understanding about eternity, mortality, forgiveness, and gothic typeface in this Anti-Divine Comedy.


Song of a Murderess
Devised, Written, and Featuring *Jade Garisch*

Fallon is on trial for the murder of her boyfriend. Through a world of magical realism Fallon tries to take the audience through the memories in her mind; hoping that they will find her innocent. Using music, dance, video and other sensory stimulating theatrical devices; this one-woman show grapples with individual memories and what they mean.


And in longing, she bites
Devised, Written, and Featuring *Sophie Greenspan*

Follow an ensemble of women as they transition from adolescence to adulthood and discover their bodies, their sexualities, and themselves along the way. A play about womanhood told with irreverent wit, poignancy, a little bit of awkwardness, and a dash of careful perception.


I am the Seagull or Something
Devised, Written, and Featuring *Sarah Hines & Aliza Sotsky*

Two young actors struggle to find intimacy in the modern world. Through explorations of Chekov and modern rehearsal exercises they learn to create and question the way we relate to each other.


Written, Composed, and Directed by *Charles Madison*

Grace, a high school senior, wants to live a normal teenage life: go shopping, eat lunch with her friends, date boys. Only there's this problem: she hears voices. When the new guidance counselor in town pushes Grace to take chances, Grace struggles to take control of her life, to varied success. Can Grace live a normal life?


No Exit
By Jean-Paul Sartre
Featuring *Barbara Rugg*

No Exit is a one-act play about three people in hell, a circular hotel room. Manipulating each other and exploring their inner demons, flaws, and sins in life, they slowly realize that they are each other's tormentors and that there is no escape for the hell they have made for themselves.


Coerced: a documentary play
Written and Directed by *Amanda Jane Stern & Julian Seltzer*

Worcester, Massachusetts, 2008: After almost 3-hours of an illegal interrogation, 16-year-old Nga Truong admitted to killing her 13-month-old son. This play is the true story of her confession, her time in prison, and the national outrage the story brought to Worcester Police Department. In this original documentary play, all the dialogue is taken from the historical record.