Auditions are open to all Brandeis students, regardless of racial, cultural, and individual identities. We value diversity in casting. No experience required.

Auditions for three Senior Thesis Studio Productions will be held Saturday December 3 and December 4, 2022.
Thesis Makers for The Brandeis Department of Theater Arts Senior Studio Porductions seek actors for their Spring 2023 productions. All interested students are asked to attend auditions on Saturday, December 3, 2022 in Spingold Room 111. Those auditioning should fill out an audition form (you request your audition slot on the audition form). Students will then be asked to attend production-specific callbacks as needed either December 3 from 5-7 pm or Sunday December 4 from 11am-3pm.
Any questions about auditions should go to Assistant Production Manager, Shelby Art-Koljonen, via email at

Audition Form

Audition Preparation:
Please prepare a one-minute monologue to perform for the panel of thesis makers.
Information on Senior Studio Production Thesis Projects:

Ferguson’s Fines by Alaysia Penso

Alaysia Penso seeks 3 actors for Ferguson’s Fines - a multimedia historical fiction play about the black  experience. The piece centers the plight of a journalist aiming to expose Ferguson County’s corrupt  department of justice and exploitation of Black people. All interactions characters have with police officers are  based on actual documented encounters and provide a commentary on the relationship between race and  justice that exists throughout the United States. 

Content Advisory: This piece contains sexual, racial, and physical violence. Those asked to attend callbacks will  have conversations with the creative team to discuss these themes.  

Character Descriptions 

  • Michael – Seeking male-identifying, POC. Michael is fun-loving and head-strong. He’s a charismatic  smart-mouth. 
  • Quincy – Seeking male-identifying, Black actor. Quincy is a young, intelligent man who excels at school.  He’s fun and has a spark that draws people to his positivity.  
  • Embodiment of Police Officers (and other roles) – Seeking white actor of any gender to play a variety  of characters. 

Another Cinderella Story (Title Subject to Change) by Caylie Jeruchimowitz

Caylie Jeruchimowitz seeks 5 actors for Another Cinderella Story (Title Subject to Change) – a modern  adaptation of the classic Cinderella tale.  

Content Advisory: This piece contains themes and instances of physical and emotional abuse.  Character Descriptions 

  • Ella – Female-presenting, any ethnicity. Ella is a senior in high school. She is kind, caring and nurturing. • Willow – Female-presenting, any ethnicity. Willow is 10-12 years old. She is Ella’s sweet younger  stepsister who Ella cares for.  
  • Charlotte – Female-presenting, any ethnicity. Charlotte is Ella’s Stepmother. Charlotte is mean and  only concerned with her own self-interest.  
  • Autumn – Female-presenting, any ethnicity. Autumn is a senior in high school. She is self-centered and  the classic “popular” girl.  
  • Trevor – Male-presenting, any ethnicity. Trevor is a senior in high school. He’s the “prince charming”  character. He is kind, out-going and senstitive. 

Are We There Yet?  by Evelyn Inker

Evelyn Inker seeks performers for Are We There Yet? – a story told throughout time and place exploring the  Jewish experience and what makes a space a home. When we immigrate, how do identity and tradition carry  us through and what do we leave behind? The story will be told through a combination of scenes, movement  and song. 

Content Advisory: This piece will use adult language and may contain instances of antisemitism and themes of  the Holocaust and war.  

Character Descriptions 

  • A Variety of Actors – Actors will play a variety of characters throughout the piece with varying gender  identities and ages. All actors should be comfortable playing any age or gender. As the piece explores themes of the Jewish experience and immigration, students with Jewish ancestry or immigrant backgrounds are encouraged to audition. 

Additional Senior Studio Productions 

Jessica Umanoff’s Senior Studio Production has already been cast.

Jessica Umanoff's project will be a culmination of monologues, scenes, short plays, and spoken word poetry that explore themes related to race, gender, and sexuality.  All of the included works are original and created by women and femme artists.  Using theater as a means of social change and transformation through the content and rehearsal process.

Additional Department Information:

Conflicts Policy

Students cast in a production with the Department of Theater Arts are expected to attend all rehearsals unless they have an academic conflict.  In general, rehearsals are held weekday evenings and weekend days. Cast members are expected to arrive on time to all rehearsals and performances. At the beginning of the rehearsal process, all academic conflicts must be communicated to the Stage Manager.  Should other conflicts arise, the Stage Manager and the Director have the discretion to decide upon conflict approval on a case-by-case basis, based on the size of the actor’s role, nature of the conflict, and timing in regards to the rehearsal schedule. Tech Week conflicts, other than academic, are not permitted.  While it may be that a weekly schedule is utilized, the Daily Call (your daily specific schedule) will be sent out each night with 24 hours’ notice.

Any questions or concerns regarding the conflict decisions of the Stage Manager and Director should be brought to Dmitry Troyanovsky, Chair of the department (

Covid-19 Pandemic Information
Due to the ongoing uncertain nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will proceed with an abundance of empathy and consider anyone's changing situation and how it may affect their ability to participate in this production. The Theater Department's rehearsal protocols will follow the University's policies based on the current Covid color-level status.

Statement of Solidarity
We stand in solidarity with the struggle for racial justice. Our season reflects our goals to challenge discrimination and raise up marginalized voices. We intend to offer shows that challenge, uplift, and move our students and audiences. Please view our solidarity statement. This production seeks a truly diverse and inclusive ensemble of performers who will each play a wide range of different roles and will be cast in a way that celebrates individual identity and is intentional and respectful regarding race, ethnicity, and gender identity.