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Siddhartha: A Jungian Fantasy in Three Movements with Prelude

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By Hermann Hesse
Adapted by Eric Hill from the novel "Siddhartha" and other writings by Hermann Hesse

February 5-15, 2009
Laurie Theater
Directed by Richard Corley 

The story of Siddhartha is well-known and well-loved, but its origins from the mind of Hermann Hesse owe much to his analyst Carl Jung and his collective unconscious theory of mankind.  In this whimsical and poetic adaptation by Eric Hill, Hesse himself tells the story of the young Siddhartha’s journey into manhood and enlightenment as he explores the world and discovers himself. With the help of Jung, Freud and three Hindu Goddesses, Hesse finds parallels between himself and the man who would become a Buddha. Siddhartha is part of a year-long focus on the history, culture and influence of India in a program sponsored by the Brandeis Office of Global Affairs.