Featuring works by

Lizzy Benway
Jason Dick
Grace Fosler
Justy Kosek
Emma Lieberman
Levi Squier


Free and open to the public

Senior Festival

March 18-23
Laurie Theater, Spingold Theater Center

Now in its third year, the Senior Festival is a chance for graduating theater arts students to showcase their work. Under the guidance of Jennifer Cleary, Alicia Hyland and Adrianne Krstansky, students will take on a variety of roles, from writing their own play, to directing, designing, and acting. Every year is different and our students never cease to amaze us with their vision and ambition. Come see what this year's festival has to offer!

Performance Schedule:

Tuesday, March 18th
• 7:00 PM – MICHAEL BROKOWSKI (Levi Squier)
• 8:30 PM – The Elephant in the Room (Grace Fosler)

Wednesday, March 19th
• 7:00 PM – My Morning (Emma Lieberman)
• 8:00 PM – Make Me A Song (Jason Dick)

Thursday, March 20th
• 7:00 PM – MICHAEL BROKOWSKI (Levi Squier)
• 9:00 PM – All You Need (Justy Kosek)

Friday, March 21st
• 4:00 PM – Necessary Targets (Lizzy Benway)
• 7:00 PM – The Elephant in the Room (Grace Fosler)
• 8:00 PM – My Morning (Emma Lieberman)
• 9:30 PM – MICHAEL BROKOWSKI (Levi Squier)

Saturday, March 22nd
• 2:00 PM – Make Me A Song (Jason Dick)
• 4:30 PM – My Morning (Emma Lieberman)
• 7:00 PM – Necessary Targets (Lizzy Benway)
• 10:00 PM – All You Need (Justy Kosek)

Sunday, March 23rd
• 12:00 PM – The Elephant in the Room (Grace Fosler)
• 2:00 PM – Necessary Targets (Lizzy Benway)
• 5:00 PM – All You Need (Justy Kosek)
• 8:00 PM – Make Me A Song (Jason Dick)

Show Information:

Devised by *Levi Squier* and Ensemble

Four people, a fire, and gross exaggeration make up this story theater-inspired piece about becoming an adult, discovering what sort of person you want to be, and who is Michael Brokowski.


The Elephant in the Room
Written and Directed by *Grace Fosler*

The Elephant in the Room satirizes the legal and illegal animal cruelty that permeates American culture. Through a series of vignettes, the play explores the cosmetic testing industry, reveals the harshness of the greatest show on Earth, and takes the audience through the dark tunnel that is factory farming. The Elephant in the Room allows one to experience the world of animal exploitation from an entirely different perspective than what is often presented by animal rights organizations.


My Morning
Written by and Starring *Emma Lieberman*

Issues is a one woman show about a young adult discussing how hard it is to be close to people with mental illnesses as she attempts to cope with her friend's suicide. Personal, dramatic, and at times unexpectedly funny, this show grapples with themes of friendship, family, disease, loyalty, and failure as it tells stories based on real life experiences.


'Make Me A Song'
Music by William Finn
Conceived by Rob Ruggiero
Starring *Jason Dick*

Make Me A Song is a song cycle featuring some of the most magnificent works of famed composer, William Finn (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Falsettos, Elegies). Effortlessly woven together, treasured tunes by Finn tell personal, haunting, and often hilarious tales from his rich and touching songbook.


All You Need
Written by and Starring *Justy Kosek*

It's prom night and David doesn't quite know what to do. The girl he loves is gone, something is wrong with his parents and his tuxedo is soaked in blood. This play darkly explores the world and mind of a young man as he and the people closest to him struggle to understand their own ideas about love, family and the difference between reality and memories.


'Necessary Targets'
By Eve Ensler
Directed by *Lizzy Benway*

In Necessary Targets, two American women, a Park Avenue psychiatrist and an ambitious young writer, travel to Bosnia to help women refugees confront their memories of war. Though the two have little in common beyond the methods they use to distance themselves from their subjects, they emerge deeply changed as they confront their own fears in the face of violence, resiliency, and war. Based on interviews conducted by Eve Ensler with numerous women who survived the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, Necessary Targets is a timely reminder of how America struggles to define its relationship to the rest of the world