Essex County

BNC's Essex chapter is one of a kind. Its leaders and members attend meaningful events and keep good ideas coming. Back in April of 2010, members heard from Dr. Daniel Reshef, a resident of Livingston, NJ on his intense involvement as an eye surgeon in Third World countries. Members were inspired by his social justice efforts to care for patients in Africa, South America and Asia.  In May of 2010, the BNC Essex chapter also held a successful event where members heard from Mariyln Bornstein, a former teacher and family therapist who specializes in hypnosis. Members got a sneak peak of her new book Hold Fast The Time.

Social justice and mindfulness resonates with Brandeis University and its value trickles down to followers. Our members truly care for the human spirit. 

The Essex chapter is dedicated to sharpening the human mind, reminding of the good we can do and enriching lives. For more information, contact Sarah Doppelt, chapter president, at (973) 992-7488 or email at We look forward to meeting you!

Livingston NJ