Project Notification Lists

Mandel Center for the Humanities Project
Sent out as needed; advises people of construction activities that may have an impact on those in the vicinity of the construction site.

Science Complex Renewal Project
Sent out each Friday; summarizes construction activities scheduled during the following week, with an indication of potential impacts on Science Center occupants.

Science: noise 

Science: smell 

Science: vibration 

Science: shutdown

Science: traffic

Sign Up for Notification E-mails

The Office of Capital Projects (OCP) strives to maintain a high level of communication with members of the Brandeis community, especially with those who work in close proximity to project construction sites. Construction is almost always an inconvenient neighbor, involving inevitable disruptions. The OCP appreciates your patience while we work to manage the construction priorities established by the university in order to improve the campus.

To facilitate communication about aspects of capital projects that may be of particular concern and/or interest to you, please use the links to the right to sign up for any of the public listservs by which the OCP team will communicate with Brandeis community members. Simply click on a link, login and then choose "subscribe." Within a few hours you will receive a confirming e-mail to indicate that you are signed up for that particular notification service.

And please remember: it is always dangerous to enter a construction site, even when work does not appear to be in progress. Call OCP for information or answers. Be safe!