Chapels Field Rehabilitation

On May 23, work began to restore and improve Chapels Field. The field is being raised slightly and flattened, and under-drainage is being installed. Improvements are also being made to the area between Chapels Field and the Brandeis Walk (the central pedestrian spine)—a sloped area for seating and spectating is being created—and to the walkways between Chapels Field and Rosenthal Quad, with regarding intended to improve drainage.

Chapels Field will be closed for the duration of this project and is expected to reopen for use at the beginning of the fall semester. Sod will be applied to the field and it may be roped off for the first month of the fall 2007 semester, to allow the sod to take hold.

Following that, by the end of September, the field is expected to be reopened. During the project, any necessary pedestrian detours will be clearly marked.