Past Projects

Since 1999, approximately $210 million in major new construction and renovation projects have been completed at Brandeis. These projects were implemented pursuant to the Brandeis campus plan and based on the priorities established in the university's Integrated Strategic Plan.

Below is a list of the projects and links to their individual project Web sites. You may view a campus aerial (pdf) highlighting all major and some of the minor capital projects accomplished since 1999.

Completion Date Project

Total Project Cost

September 2011 Rose Art Museum, 1961 Building Renovation $1.7M
August 2010 Chapels Renovations $1.0M
August 2010 Charles River Apartments Renovation $9.5M
August 2010 Mandel Center for the Humanities $26.7

October 2009

New Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions Center $14.0M
January 2009 New Ridgewood Residence Halls $35.0M
Fall 2008 Infrastructure Renewal, Phase 2: Energy Savings and Safety Program $10.0M
August 2007 Heller School, Heller-Brown Renovation $11.0M
August 2007 Chapels Field Rehabilitation $350K
August 2007 Graduate Student Center $280K
Fall 2006 Usdan Student Center Phase 2 Renovation
Fall 2006 Heller School, Irving Schneider and Family Building $13.8M
Summer 2006 Comprehensive Campus Signage Project $2.5M
Spring 2006 Spingold Theater Master Planning $47K
Winter 2005 Soccer Field and Track $2.3M
Fall 2005 Superconducting Magnet Facility $1.25M
(excluding grant-funded equipment)
Spring 2005 Usdan Student Center Phase 1 Renovation (Student Services Center) $2.0M
Winter 2004 Village Landscaping Enhancements $225K
September 2004 Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex Renovation and Addition (former AJHS Building)  $5.3M
August 2004 Village Fitness Center
October 2003 IBS Lemberg Academic Center $8.0M
August 2003 Village Residence Hall $21.3M
January 2003 Rosenstiel Electron Microscope Suite $1.3M
(excluding equipment cost)
September 2002 Carl and Ruth Shapiro Campus Center $25.3M
September 2001 Lois Foster Wing of the Rose Art Museum $4.5M
October 2000 Women's Studies Research Center $2.4M
August 2000 Removal of Ford Hall and Relocation of Functions $5.0M
August 1999 Kosow Lab Renovation $2.5M