Graduate Student Center

Site plan

Planned floor layout

In the summer of 2007, a new graduate student center was created in Kutz Hall, in space formerly occupied by the registrar's office. (The registrar's office is now in the space formerly occupied by student financial services, which was relocated to Usdan Student Center in phase 1 of the Usdan renovation.) 

Responding to the program recommended by the Graduate Student Affairs and with the approval of Provost Marty Krauss and Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy, the graduate student center includes space for the graduate coordinator, a commons area, a computer cluster, an office for the new assistant provost for graduate student affairs, a kitchenette, lockable storage and lockers for students. 

In addition, a new seminar/conference room was created across the hall, in the space formerly used by the registrar's office for transcript requests. Construction began in early June 2007, and the center was ready for the start of the fall semester.