Heller-Brown Renovation

Immediately upon completion and occupancy of the new Irving Schneider and Family Building in November 2006, the additional building for the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, the full renovation of Heller-Brown, began. Demolition was completed in late January 2007 and construction was completed in August 2007.

Kyu Sung Woo Architects, who designed the Schneider Building, also designed the renovation of Heller-Brown. The renovation included: all required code work, a complete mechanical upgrade (integration with Schneider), new classrooms, conference rooms, graduate student carrels, library, Geographic Information Systems lab, offices and replacement and addition of furnishings.

The Irving Schneider and Family Building finishes and furniture standards were applied to the Heller-Brown renovation, so that with the renovation complete, the two buildings feel aesthetically integrated.

As the last step in the renovation, physical connections to Heller-Brown were opened up on each floor of Schneider, so the buildings function as one.