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For more information, contact Program Chair Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow at aoko@brandeis.edu. We welcome your questions and inquiries.

Career Options

What kind of career and education options will you have? Courses offered in the master's degree program investigate the ancient classical world both locally in the domain of one country (such as Greece and Italy) and more regionally (such as the Mediterranean as a whole).

We have developed relationships with excavations in Italy and Greece, so that students may participate in such fieldwork as part of their work toward the master's degree. The chance to do research in our Classical Artifact Research Collection, to study on the Bay of Naples in the summer, and to obtain personal excavation experience awaits students of the master's degree program.

Teachers from K-12 in all subjects who pursue a Masters in Ancient Greek and Roman studies have gained better standing in their schools and greatly enhances their teaching of art, social studies, English, history, and much more.

The master's degree can be used as a stepping stone to a PhD program in classical studies, ancient history or a variety of other fields. Focusing on both languages and archaeology and culture, the department's coursework will provide students with ample preparation for further graduate work. Students are also able to participate in exciting fieldwork opportunities, and will have access to excellent area museums, universities, and libraries to expand their research.