Latin Licensure Requirements

DiplomaDiploma, detail, dated July 17, 122 C.E., granting citizenship to Gemellus, an auxiliary serving in Britain, after 25 years of military service, bronze, The British Museum, London (Photo by Barbara McManus). courtesy of the VRoma Project.

If you are interested in qualifying for a Latin Teaching License (formerly Certificate) to teach Latin in secondary schools in most states, first contact the academic administrator, David DeVore, who can share language course requirements with you.

The Department of Classical Studies collaborates with the Education Program on Latin teaching licensure. For more information or to choose your licensure course requirements, contact the Brandeis Education Program.

Plan your course of instruction with education and classics early so as to ensure sufficient time to complete the course sequence. A license to teach Latin in secondary schools adds depth to your education and your curriculum vitae. In omnia paratus ...

If you are interested in talking to a student who is working toward a Latin Teaching License, please contact Caitlin Gillespie.