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Track 1 Students

Katie David

Katie D.

Former Degree(s): University of New Hampshire 2010, BA in History and Classics
Research Interests: Greek history and archaeology, Mediterranean contacts with the Near East (specifically, Phoenicians trading with and living in Crete during the Iron Age), Ancient Greek language and literature
Personal Interests: Traveling anywhere and everywhere, Bike riding, Hiking, Reading

Sarah Schofield

Sarah S.

Former Degree(s): Salve Regina University 2011, BA in Cultural and Historic Preservation, minor in American History 
Research Interests: Cultural Heritage Management, Classical Archaeology, Infant Container Burials, Cultural Exchange in the Bronze Age Levant and Aegean, Interpretation of Philistine Culture, Minoan Archaeology
Personal Interests: Reading Non-Academic Material, Sci-Fi, Travel, Anthropomorphizing my dog, Historic cemeteries

Angela Passarelli

Angela Passarelli

Former Degree(s): University of Michigan-Flint 2011, BA in History and Anthropology
Research Interests: Hellenistic Greece, Alexander the Great, Museum Studies, and Classical archaeology. 
Personal Interests: Traveling, reading, visiting museums, the outdoors, animals, and Middle Earth.

Camille Reynolds


Former Degree(s): University of Michigan 2010, BA in Classical Civilizations
Research Interests: Late Antiquity (more specifically, The Late Roman Empire and the cultural transformation of Rome's state religion into Christianity in 3rd-5th centuries CE).
Personal interests: Traveling, reading, Pilates, watching every and all BBC miniseries, Bible study and volunteering with prison ministries.

Melanie Harris

Mel H.

Former Degree(s):  Northeastern University 2009, BA Spanish and Communications with a Rhetoric concentration
Research Interests: Classical archaeology; Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece - specifically Iron Age
Personal Interests: Cooking, traveling, reading, movies, Flamenco, football, Tough Mudder.

Mary Neville

Mary N.

Former Degree(s): Rollins College 2013, BA in Classical Studies with a minor in Archaeology
Research Interests: Aegean Prehistory, Greek Archaeology, Early Mediterranean Civilization, Minoans and Mycenaeans, Urbanism/The Urban Revolution, World Systems, Architecture, Digital Reconstruction, Geographic Mapping, Cultural Heritage, Archaeoastronomy, Power Strategies, Early Man
Personal Interests: Travel, Reading, Yoga, Sports/The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cooking, Going outside, Museums

Alison Crandall

Alison C.

Former Degree(s): Brandeis University 2013, BA in Classical Studies and Chemistry 
Research Interests:
Archaeological Science (specifically Archaeochemistry), Organic  residues/ancient commodities, Roman Wall Paintings and Frescos, Conservation/Preservation, Roman Domestic Life and Structures (the domus), Ancient Technology, Greek and Roman Art/Art History; alternative energies, organometallic catalysts, electrochemistry, nanomaterials, chemical engineering
Personal Interests:
Reading, Story-writing, Animation and Design, Gaming, Wandering in the Woods

Robert Caudill

Rob C.

Former Degree(s): Arizona State University, 2012, BA in Anthropology
Research Interests: Classical Archaeology, Roman religion (particularly mystery cults), Celto-Roman acculturation, Roman architecture, the Second Punic War
Personal Interests: Travel, hiking, hockey, reading, cooking, and photography

Jonathan Quiery


Former Degree(s): The College of Wooster 2010, BA in History and Classical Civilization
Research Interests: Roman Foreign and Diplomatic Policies, Classical Military History, Roman Art and Iconography, Classical Archaeology
Personal Interests: Reading, Traveling, Numismatic, Swimming, Growing Plants

Track 2 Students

Cassandra Donnelly

Cassandra Donnelly

Former Degree(s): Universiteit van Amsterdam 2007, MA in Religious Studies (Western Esotericism); Grinnell College 2006, BA in Religious Studies 
Research Interests: Ancient Mediterranean religions and mythologies, magical practices, cosmic/planetary tours, ascent literature, mystery cults, esoteric and other modes of transmission
Personal Interests: My cats, Eating, Learning languages, Walks in parks and other places

Michelle Creisher 

Mich C.

Former Degree(s): University of Southern Maine 2010, BA in Classical Studies
Interests: Hellenic Studies (especially burial practices and views of the afterlife and/or underworld before Christianity), Biblical Languages and Archaeology, Interactions of influences between the Middle East and Mediterranean in the Bronze and Middle Ages
Personal Interests: Traveling wherever and whenever possible, Exploring new places and meeting new people, Reading, Cooking, Drinking tea, Spending time in the sunshine and warm weather

Belisi Gillespie

Belisi G.

Former Degree(s): University of Texas at Austin 2005, BA in Anthropology and Classical Studies
Research Interests: Aegean Prehistory, Bronze & Iron Age Mediterranean, Minoan, Mycenaean, Cycladic, and Levantine Archaeology, Greek language and literature, Magna Graecia, and Greek colonization around the Mediterranean, Intersection between Ancient Greek textual tradition and material culture.
Personal Interests: Traveling, exploring, reading, skiing, swimming, and hanging with friends!

Ann Margaret Herndon

AnnMarg H.

Former Degree(s): BA from Austin Peay State University in Latin and Ancient Greek, minors in Secondary Education and Classical Civilizations
Research Interests: Sexuality and Gender in Roman Literature, Culture, and Mythology, Latin Love Elegy
Personal Interests: Volunteering for the Junior Classical League, Trivia; LGBT Activism; Cosmology, Hiking, The Tennessee Titans

Ryan Johnson


Former Degrees: Boise State University 2010, BA History, minor in Latin and Art History
Research Interests: Exchange of myth and cultic practices in the ancient Mediterranean, Interactions between Hellas and the Near East in the Bronze and Iron Ages, Classical Athens, Ages of Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus, Ancient Magic, Homeric Poetry
Personal Interests: Reading, bike riding, linguistic studies, museum trips, Greek and Mesopotamian mythology

Glenn "Buddy" Ruse


Former Degree(s): The Pennsylvania State University 2012, BA in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Minors in German and Latin
Research Interests: Cicero and his Speeches and Letters, Politics of the Late Roman Republic, Augustan Literature, Ancient Mythology, Classical Literature, Roman Culture, Egyptian Culture and History
Personal Interests: Reading, Conversations with Interesting People, Learning languages, Traveling, Baking, and Going on Adventures with my Dog, Ace

Brett Games

Brett G.

Former Degree(s): University of NH, 1993, BA in Classics
Research Interests: Roman and Greek Oratory, Mystery Cults
Personal Interests: Medieval Life, Traveling, Water Sports, Tutoring, Ice Cream

Stephen Guerriero 


Former Degree(s): Boston University 2001, BA International Relations and Italian Studies, Boston University, 2001; Boston College 2004 M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction
Research Interests: Classical Mythology, Etruscan Studies, Magna Graecia, Homeric Studies, Vergilian Studies
Personal Interests: Teaching 6th Grade Social Studies (also my job), Traveling, Reading, Coaching XC and Track, Italian Politics, and the Boston Bruins

Cindy Susalla


Former Degree(s): Ohio Wesleyan University 2012, BA in Classics and Ancient Studies
Research Interests: Dynamics of the Roman family and gendered constructions of familial roles, ancient perceptions of race and ethnicity, the social commentary of Horatian odes, Roman provincial archaeology, snake imagery in Minoan culture, the ‘tragedy’ of Attic tragedies
Personal Interests: Reading, exploring new places, playing with animals, finding nature, taking pictures, drawing, and otherwise being creative/making things

Stephanie Young 


Former Degree(s): Louisiana State University 2000, BA in English
Research Interests: classical mythology, religion, language, poetry, Homeric studies, women and children's roles
Personal Interests: reading (poetry, mythology, and fiction), technology, travel, foreign films, journaling, and my two-year-old son Jack