ENACT Workshop

The national ENACT program launched with a workshop at Brandeis University, held May 22 – 26, 2016. Under the leadership of the program’s academic director, ENACT Fellows shared ideas and worked on course development.

The workshop's aim was to help ENACT Fellows design courses that meet the following learning goals for their students:

  • Knowledge: develop critical awareness of the gap between the actual legislative process and theoretical or popular descriptions; distinguish legislative perspectives from related concerns; identify the complex roles of the citizen advocate.
  • Skills: increase oral and written facility in expressing arguments under political constraints; synthesize and evaluate information from diverse sources representing competing philosophies; create models of solving challenging problems of social justice through legislative means.
  • Justice: grasp the challenges of achieving justice through legislation; test one's own justice commitments against current state and national problems; compare justice arguments over time; contribute to the creation of a just society through legislative means.

Fellows met state legislators, legislative aides and community activists who have engaged with the course at Brandeis, as well as alumni of the course. The ENACT online network was introduced and everyone was taught how to use it.

All expenses, including tuition, travel and lodging, were paid as part of the Fellowship.

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