2007 Fellows

2007 Fellows

Clockwise: Ramon De Jesus '08; Jamie Pottern '09; Neena Pathak '08; Daniel Koosed '08; Margot Moinester '09; and Rachel Kleinbaum '08

Download "Translations: Six Stories of (Mis)Understanding," which highlights the Fellows' experiences. 

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Ramon De Jesus '08 from the Bronx, New York, is a double major in Latin American and Latino Studies and History with a minor in Anthropology. Ramon served as a leader with Project Adventure, facilitating trust-building activities among teens in conflict. A recipient of a Posse Foundation scholarship, Ramon completed nearly every course in Brandeis's Latin American and Latino Studies department. He worked the summer of 2007 at Victory Junction, a camp in North Carolina for children with chronic illnesses.

Rachel Kleinbaum '08 from Rutherford, New Jersey, is a double major in Latin American and Latino Studies and Sociology with a minor in Social Justice and Social Policy. Rachel was an active member of the Brandeis Labor Coalition and the Activist Resource Center, providing unity and structure for Brandeis's varied activist groups. During the summer of 2006, Rachel traveled to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and recognized the many labor issues that beset local workers. She returned to Quetzaltenango in the summer of 2007 to work for UTQ, a coalition of labor unions.

Daniel Koosed '08 is an Anthropology major and a Politics and Legal Studies minor from Westport, Connecticut. In 2006, he completed fieldwork in the Mississippi Delta, interviewing residents of low-income communities and documenting their oral histories. For the summer of 2007, Daniel interned with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda located in Arusha, Tanzania, organizing a joint symposium between the Ethics Center and the Tribunal on the legacy of international courts in Africa. Daniel interviewed ICTR staff to determine how legacy issues are viewed by those involved with Tribunal work.

Margot Moinester '09 majored in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and minoring in Anthropology. Margot hails from Memphis, Tennessee. After completing fieldwork in a low-income community in the Mississippi Delta, her enthusiasm for human rights and public healthcare deepened. She interned in the summer of 2007 with WE-ACTx in Rwanda, educating and counseling women with HIV about their legal rights and working on income generation programs. Margot was a recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Davis Projects for Peace 2008. Click here for news about her project.

Neena Pathak '08 from Nashua, New Hampshire, majored in Sociology and International and Global Studies and minored in Spanish. Neena was a recipient of a Brandeis Presidential Scholarship. She spent the summer of 2006 conducting independent research on international solidarity and the Zapatismo movement in Chiapas, Mexico. For her summer 2007 internship, Neena worked with the Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation in Maharashtra, India, analyzing alternatives to current government and transnational corporation policies that have been connected to a rash of farmer suicides.

Jamie Pottern '09 of Bethesda, Maryland, is an Environmental Studies and International and Global Studies major and Anthropology minor. In 2006, Jamie canvassed in Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group on a global warming campaign. She was the campaign manager of the Campus Climate Challenge, prompting students to conserve energy on their campuses. In the summer of 2007, Jamie interned with the Kakamega Environmental Education Program in Kenya. She worked on educational programs for members of local communities about sustainable development and rainforest conservation.