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ECSF 2002

jocelynJocelyn Berger '03
Internship with Sewa Lanka Foundation & National Peace Council, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Since graduating, Jocelyn has interned with the American Friends Service Committee, coordinating the Eyes Wide Open traveling exhibit on the cost of war during the Boston Social Forum and Democratic National Convention, and worked in the young adult division of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, where she concentrated on fundraising, event planning, and leadership development. Jocelyn left San Francisco for India at the end of 2006, volunteering with theUrban Design Research Institute in Mumbai and Mobile Crèches. Jocelyn now lives in San Francisco and works with Pursue: Action for a Just World, a project of American Jewish World Service and AVODAH, as a Program Officer, building community and strengthening the social justice movement amongst young Jewish adults. Jocelyn has recently begun to focus her work more heavily on food justice programs.

Miriam Kingsberg '03
Internship with Families Against Crime and Terrorism, Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan and Short Hills, NJ

Miriam began a Ph.D. in East Asian history at UC-Berkeley in the fall of 2003. She spent the summer of 2005 in northeast China doing some preliminary research on her dissertation prospectus and improving her Chinese. The fall of 2006 found her in Yokohama, Japan, to continue her dissertation work. She wrote, "I am spending a lot of time in the library; I'm not sure that qualifies as interesting! But, I am having a wonderful time and getting a lot done." She is now back in Dalian, China doing some work in the archives there.

Aran Lavi '04
Internship with Sewa Lanka Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Ra'anan, Israel
In May of 2004 Aran headed to China to work and study.

Trang Nguyen '03
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Since her graduation from Brandeis, Trang has pursued a Ph.D. in development economics at MIT. She travels frequently to Madagascar, where she is conducting two projects in primary education for her thesis. She was married in Vietnam.

George Okrah '03
Internship with Celas Maya, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Hometown: Ghana, West Africa and Bronx, NY

In February 2005, George made a guest appearance at the Center event "Local Action/Global Impact." At that time, he was in his second year in Teach for America, a program in which recent college graduates teach in a low-income area for two years. George taught sixth-grade math, science, language arts, and social studies at Marquis de Lafayette Elementary School in New Orleans. He moved to Miami to teach just two months before Hurricane Katrina. "Unfortunately for most of our friends, they lost everything," he wrote. George has begun a new position as Program Director for the Posse Foundation in Miami, which awarded 32 scholarships totaling 5 million dollars in just their first year.

Susan Ulrich '03
Internship with Roca, Chelsea and Revere, Massachusetts
Hometown: South Boston, MA

Since graduating from Brandeis, Susan has been working at Roca, Inc. where she manages a staff of youth workers. Although the work is long and difficult, she loves what she does!