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ECSF 2005

Amy Cotton '06amy cotton
Internship with UMAC (U Managing Conflict), Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Amy has a Master's in Public Health. She works for Washington, D.C.'s National Council of Jewish Women, where she serves as Legislative Associate for Reproductive Health and Rights. One of Amy's primary tasks is to engage members in "Plan A: NCJW's Campaign for Contraceptive Access," to promote and preserve women's health, well-being, and equality.

Mai Le '07
Internship with AHIMSA, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
After graduating, Mai worked for a year for NERA Economic Consulting in New York City for a year. She then returned to Vietnam to work for her family's travel business Eviva Tour Vietnam as well as McKinsey & Co., a management consulting company. Mai has also started her own wedding business in Vietnam called WedinStyle with another Vietnamese Brandeis alumni. WedinStyle's long-term plan, also a shared dream among its members, is to develop a fund from the company's profits to serve under-privileged children. This September Mai moved to Tokyo, Japan to start a one-year MBA at Hitotsubashi University under the Young Leader's Program scholarship. Upon concluding her studies, Mai hopes to return to Vietnam to expand her businesses.

      Ava at birthright israel, 2010
Ava Morgenstern '06
Internship with Nerve Centre, Derry, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
In 2006, Ava finished her senior thesis, "Urban Regimes, Community Organizing, and Democratic Inclusion in Derry, Northern Ireland," which stemmed from her interest in her ESCF 2005 site. Over the summer of 2006, she was one of 46 American undergraduates chosen to participate in a fellowship with Humanity in Action, a leadership development organization for human rights and minority rights. She then worked as Development Assistant at the National Consumer Law Center, a nonprofit legal organization defending the consumer rights of low-income Americans. More recently she volunteered with a community-development project in Lima, Peru, and was involved with activities in Boston's Spanish-speaking immigrant community. In 2011 she will be a sociology PhD candidate at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She will be researching some of the same questions the Ethics Center has inspired her to grapple with: Why do people in rich countries care at all about people in poor(er) ones? Why do some of them move beyond traditional humanitarianism and into international development work (or more radical anti-globalization activism)? What do these endeavors look like, and what do they achieve? Why must we examine issues that are often ignored in this field, such as the very meaning of development, the power structures of international organizations, and the agency of the poor?

Anna Nguyen '06
Internship with Reut Sadaka, Jaffa, Israel
Hometown: Brighton, MA
Anna, send us your info!

Julia Resnitsky '07
Internship with Peace & Reconciliation Group, Derry, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Israel
In October 2006, Julia was one of seven students to receive a newly-created Pauli Murray Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded each year by the College of Arts and Sciences to students who have benefited from exploring diversity and pluralism both inside and outside the classroom. The award includes a stipend to develop a research project or a diversity, pluralism, and community-building project.

Cyanna Rodney-Hill '06
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Port Charlotte, FL
In May 2006, Cyanna was one of two students to receive the Bruce R. Mayper Memorial Award for promoting interracial relations.