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Sorensen Fellowship 2010

Kayla Dinces '12
Internship with the Experimental Theatre Foundation in Mumbai, India
Hometown: Camden, Maine
Kayla majored in Theater Arts and minored in Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies and Religious Studies.

Kelsey Grab '12
Internship with the Bapagrama School in Bangalore, India
Hometown: Middleboro, Massachusetts
Kelsey majored in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies and minored in Peace and Coexistence Studies. 

Christopher Lau '12
Internship with WorldTeach in Ecuador
Hometown: Farmington, Connecticut
Christopher majored in Economics and Politics and minored in East Asian Studies.

Tess Raser '12
Internship with a women's advocacy organization in Moshi, Tanzania
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Tess majored in International and Global Studies and minored in Women and Gender Studies.

Madeleine Stix '12
Internship with the Spirit of Youth Association for Environmental Services in Cairo, Egypt. 
Hometown: Washington Heights, New York
Madeleine majored in International and Global Studies and minored in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Hispanic Studies.